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Friday, 10 June 2011

hey , CuTIE !! ^_^ "pR0fiLE"


hello guys ! ^_^..... i'm new here.... actually ,i didnt know how to use this blog.... hehehe~
so,i hope that all of u will bcome my lecturer .. =)  
hey what's ur name , hey baby what's ur name (n/p> what u waiting for by mizz nina)
haha~ okay2 , here's my story....
my name is farhana & u can call me ana . i'm 14 years old... hahaha !
(liar).... why? it's true okay.... i didnt lie 2 u...(dont trust me)
well~ i'm always look younger than my age ... hehehe....
actually , i'm 18 okay~ ^_^
my home>>> mersing ,johor
my hometown>>>selangor & also in muar, johor
now, studied diploma in science at UITM,KUALA PILAH,N9
ouhhh,,,, b4 i forgot , i was born on 8 october 1993.....
hEhEhE.... so, anyone that want to send me any gift,
YOU ARE ALLOWED~~ hahaha ! =P  ^_^
My h0bbies are laughing , sleeping , & eating ! hahaha (obesity)
i wish that i will become the successful engineer... =)
wish me LUCK okay ! ^_^.....
(now playing> pray by justin bieber)... hahaha =P
PRAY for me okay ^^~~!#

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