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Saturday, 18 June 2011

~the b0ok that i read~ BEL120

The book that i read was OXFORD . I just read the cover of the book and i can concluded that it was a story about our nature such as the green plant that gave human oxygen gas and it was also had many function in this life. The book also told me about the importance of knowledge in our life . Without the knowledge , we will be underestimed by our community . We should appreciate our nature by preserve and conserve it.
That's all from me . If i had finish to read the book , i will tell you about the whole of the story.

Friday, 17 June 2011

~heART Br0kEN~ =(


comments on presentation by group AS120 1B1

1st GROUP > cool~ ^_^  simple & cute~~ hahaha
2nd GROUP> best ! you all can act like a celebrity ! ^^
3rd GROUP>not bad lahh... quite good =)  like a team of coir...
4th GROUP> haha~ no comment... ( that's my group) =)
5th GROUP>g0od ! the best acting ! ^^ #@!#$
6th GROUP>nice ^_^..... you all are good in drawing =)
7th GROUP>the best ! they do the best than other group ))

so, the conclusion is all of we had did a good job ! ^_^
keep it up and i wish that we will success.....
i VOTE  for 4th GROUP ! ^_^

Monday, 13 June 2011


In this modern era, many types of movie that we can found in many genre such as thriller , comedy , horror ,fantasy , and more. We can concluded that our latest generation of human had good ability in the industry that will be inherited by subsequent generations that will develop our country. The movie that i like the most is Narnia.
I like the movie because its teach me about the importance of family relationship. Its also give me some advise about the importance of trust each other in difficult situation and tell me the lesson of betray in the situation.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

rainbow~~ wee^_^

hahaha ! so funny~~
that's not my brothers okay...
haha...their face also not same as mine~
but i'm more cute okay ! hahaha  ^_^
hurmm , they are my cousin....
at the moment ,we were celebrated their birthday....
best !
so , let's enjoy ! ~~#$%

< my l0vE till the end~ !

hahaha~ publicity.....
this is my friends.... at my secondary school....
the best friends that i ever had~ ! ^_^
smiling , laughing , crying & studying together
OMG,so sweet~~... i miss them so much
i wish that we will meet each other soon
           & they will success in their life !
actually , there should had 1 more person ....
but.......(sad story) ish3..... =(.... hehehe   
next time lah.... i will tell u later okay~~ ^_^

Friday, 10 June 2011

hey , CuTIE !! ^_^ "pR0fiLE"


hello guys ! ^_^..... i'm new here.... actually ,i didnt know how to use this blog.... hehehe~
so,i hope that all of u will bcome my lecturer .. =)  
hey what's ur name , hey baby what's ur name (n/p> what u waiting for by mizz nina)
haha~ okay2 , here's my story....
my name is farhana & u can call me ana . i'm 14 years old... hahaha !
(liar).... why? it's true okay.... i didnt lie 2 u...(dont trust me)
well~ i'm always look younger than my age ... hehehe....
actually , i'm 18 okay~ ^_^
my home>>> mersing ,johor
my hometown>>>selangor & also in muar, johor
now, studied diploma in science at UITM,KUALA PILAH,N9
ouhhh,,,, b4 i forgot , i was born on 8 october 1993.....
hEhEhE.... so, anyone that want to send me any gift,
YOU ARE ALLOWED~~ hahaha ! =P  ^_^
My h0bbies are laughing , sleeping , & eating ! hahaha (obesity)
i wish that i will become the successful engineer... =)
wish me LUCK okay ! ^_^.....
(now playing> pray by justin bieber)... hahaha =P
PRAY for me okay ^^~~!#

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