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Friday, 17 June 2011

comments on presentation by group AS120 1B1

1st GROUP > cool~ ^_^  simple & cute~~ hahaha
2nd GROUP> best ! you all can act like a celebrity ! ^^
3rd GROUP>not bad lahh... quite good =)  like a team of coir...
4th GROUP> haha~ no comment... ( that's my group) =)
5th GROUP>g0od ! the best acting ! ^^ #@!#$
6th GROUP>nice ^_^..... you all are good in drawing =)
7th GROUP>the best ! they do the best than other group ))

so, the conclusion is all of we had did a good job ! ^_^
keep it up and i wish that we will success.....
i VOTE  for 4th GROUP ! ^_^

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